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Contractile Fields Model:
Workshops around Australia in 2019 with Phillip Beach and Tania Huddart

In 2019 you have the opportunity to learn from Phillip Beach and Tania Huddart. The workshops will be delivered as a series. The first workshop introduces you to the only model for movement that exists – the Contractile Fields model of movement. Phillip Beach is the creator of this model. Then Tania will teach one interpretation of this model using it with the Pilates method. The third workshop will be taught by Phillip and you will be able to ingrain this new knowledge more deeply.

What is the Contractile Fields Model for movement?

The Contractile Fields model will help you understand human movement. Phillip encourages a whole organism perspective. He proposes that we move our thinking away from isolated muscles or body regions. Phillip trained as an osteopath and in Traditional Chinese Medicine. In his quest to understand human movement patterns, Phillip studied embryology and anthropology. His book, Muscles and Meridians, explains his Contractile Field model in detail. The workshops help you to understand the fields through movement, touch and visual aids. Phillip explains the model in a fun, thought-provoking, memorable and humorous way.

You will also learn simple suggestions to improve your biomechanical health. These suggestions make it possible for you to take your new knowledge into the real world. The best part is – these suggestions are easy to do and are free!

//     Spend more time on the floor – squatting, cross-legged, kneeling or long sitting. Phillip calls these floor sitting postures Archetypal Postures.

//     Spend time rising from the floor with style and grace. Phillip calls this act of rising from the floor Erectorcises.

//     Free your feet from shoes as often as you can. Phillip refers to shoes as sensory deprivation chambers. He also values the use of dorsiflexion.

phillip beach contractile fields and archetypal postures

Our struggle to rise from the floor

The opposite of movement is rest. At rest, we assume natural Archetypal Postures such as squatting, kneeling, or cross-legged. The archetype is the original pattern or model. The original pattern is then easy to duplicate. The archetype is the best example or prototype of that class of objects. Archetypal Postures and the Erectorcises are central in the Contractile Fields model.

Phillip writes, “Archetype used in the context of human movement refers to postures that emerge from, and are embedded within, the interaction of many joints and many muscles. Losing access to our Archetypal Postures is a biomechanical peril.”

During the workshops Phillip will teach you these postures. Tania will show you how they can be used to create more flow in your pilates mat classes or add variety in the pilates equipment studio.

Learn to retune

The Archetypal Postures provide insights into how well you move. But, we undervalue floor sitting postures in modern life, instead preferring chairs and sofas. Much like an instrument needs tuning to sound beautiful, your body also needs a way to ‘tune’ to stay in good condition. Your musculoskeletal system needs the act of rising from the floor to stay in good bio mechanical tune. Rising from these postures to standing means you use more of your body, more intensively. According to Phillip using your body more also provides some protection from degeneration as you age.

Phillip says, “If you want to achieve your sporting ambitions or to age gracefully you need to include this concept in your life. Learning why and how to value floor based rest and erecting from the floor with grace and facility will be of lifelong value to you.”  But Phillip also cautions his readers to put safety first: “Erectorcises are applicable to all but the most infirm but are not appropriate for those with joint replacements.”

archetypal posters with Phillip Beach

Free your feet

In Phillip’s model your feet are very important. The sole of the human foot makes it possible for it to adapt to a variety of conditions. Many foot problems are a result of overloading weak muscles and stiff joints. The good news is that retraining these muscles can improve the health of your whole body. Shoes deprive your feet of sensation. Shoes can also contribute to your loss of wellness. But shoes do provide a necessary function of protecting your feet. Unfortunately we rely on them far too much. Relying on shoes numbs your ability to self-regulate your postural placement. Walking on roughish ground is fantastic for the intrinsic muscles of the feet. Barefoot walking also helps improve your posture and can help to relieve backpain.

Makarlu hardwood base for feet work

Ease your back pain

Back pain and spinal problems are widespread in our societies. Your nervous system connects your feet, pelvic floor muscles and lower spine. Also, your deep low back muscles receive a steady stream of information in real time from your feet. Keeping these facts in mind it becomes clear that good back health needs articulate feet. So, it appears that one way to reduce low back pain is to kick off your shoes and free your feet.

If you love to move, join us!

Phillip and Tania look forward to sharing these key insights with you in around Australia in 2019.

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About Phillip Beach
Phillip grew up in Australia, Nigeria, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea. This poly-cultural perspective fostered a unique perspective on his areas of interest. After more than 20 years in London he now lives in the beautiful city of Wellington, New Zealand.

About Tania Huddart
Tania loves walking, climbing and hanging in trees. Tania started her movement life dancing before becoming a Pilates teacher over 20 years ago. Phillip is a huge inspiration in her movement journey.


Tania Huddart is a Master Pilates Instructor, a Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) certified Pilates instructor and the owner of Hearts and Bones Pilates Centre in New Zealand. Tania will be visiting Australia in 2019 as part of the Contractile Fields, Archetypal Postures and Movement program with Phillip Beach. Tania will present the Pilates & Movement Module, a 3-day workshop that works with the theoretical concepts from Phillip Beach’s sessions and applies them in specific and practical ways to pilates and movement studio settings.

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