Children  from 5 up can benefit from our specialized posture and strength classes for children.  Our pilates, posture and strength classes are designed to help children attain the gross motor strength necessary for school.

We provide small ( maximum class size 4 children ) supervised classes deigned for specific age groups.  The classes look at

// improving postural strength needed for a child to be able to sit still in a classroom setting

// Upper body strength necessary for the ability to hold their body when writing and using technology

// Coordination and control necessary for everyday activities.

Some of the benefits of pilates-exercises-children are discussed in this article.

We also offer specialist classes for teenagers as part of our focus on posture, strength and flexibility,

Our multidisciplinary team of Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Exercise Physiologists, Occupational Therapists , plates and movement teachers have helped put together these classes for  kids and teenagers.

Booking are essential

Mondays  and Thursdays

3.15-3.45     5-8 years

3.45-4.15    9- 12 years

4.15- 5       Teenagers


4.30-5    5-8 years



4.15-5   teenage girls


terms start 6 February at our West End studio 6 Ambleside Street West End.

Price   $20  casual    $180  ( 10 classes 1 per week)   $150   ( 2 classes per week)

Bookings essential call 3892 2002 to secure your child’s place.

May be covered by Health Fund


Max enjoying a child’s pilates class

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