Teacher Katie Crane   Date 19/04/2020
Location Korpermotus
Level 1
123 Unley Rd
Unley, SA 5061
  Time 1 pm - 5 pm
    Duration 4 hours

Upper Limbs Two – Elbows, Wrists & Hands

The objective of this tutorial is to help movement professionals understand the functional anatomy of the hand and forearm.

This tutorial works in conjunction with the Anatomy Dimensions series that covers each of the key parts of the body that relate to healthy functional movement and common pathologies.

The key learning outcomes of this workshop are an understanding of the following concepts:

//     The bones, ligaments and muscles of the hand and forearm;

//     Common problems, including:

–     De Quervain
–     Carpal tunnel
–     Trigger finger
–     Epicondylitis
–     Clawing
–     Tennis elbow
–     Fractures
–     Arthritis
–     Peripheral nerve pain
–     Referred pain

//     Exercise strategies that can be used in a studio setting.

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Professional development points are approved by APMA and PAA.

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