Teacher Carla Mullins   Date 22/06/2024
Location Elysium Pilates Studio
Weston Arcade, Commons Ct
Weston, ACT 2611
  Time Saturday 2 pm - 6 pm
Sunday 9 am - 5 pm
    Duration 12 hour

Join us for a weekend of learning! By signing up to our two courses, Goals and Programming and Springing this Joint (arthritis course) you will receive a $300 discount and a wealth of knowledge to take back to enhance your clients Pilates experience.

Goals and Programming

Explore and improve your programming skills as a movement teacher. This 4 hour face to face course is aimed at movement teachers who feel they would like to become more effective in their programming or who feel like they need to revisit and explore new ways to create goals and programs for their clients. When you haven’t learnt the skills for goal setting and programming properly, it can often take up too much time before sessions and lead to feeling overwhelmed. With this course we hope to change this and make you feel confident in how to structure your classes and therefore also increase the satisfaction in your clients as they can see how they are working towards their goals.

We will examine how to ensure that you are bringing together your clients’ goals for their practice as well as the goals that you might have for the client. We will explore how you keep structure in your program but also allow for the flexibility to modify and adjust both in the moment and over time as the client’s goals might change.

Included in your course is great online material in the form of filmed lessons and printable manuals that is there to support the face to face course. You will have access to all the online material for three years so that you can go back and revisit all the information when you need it.

This course will grant you 4 PDPs with PAA.

Springing this Joint

In this 8 hour face to face workshop we will delve into how to care for clients with different types of arthritis in a movement studio. We will take a close look at repertoire ideas and programming as well as cueing techniques and take a look at case studies of clients with different arthritic conditions.

This face to face workshop is supported by a comprehensive online course. By enrolling, you will receive three years access to the online material so that you can revise and look up information whenever you need it.

This course will grant you 15 PDPs with PAA and 15 CECs with NPCP.


Dates and times

Goals and programming: Saturday 22 June, 2 pm – 6 pm

Springing this Joint: Sunday 23 June, 9 am – 5 pm


AU$ 1,000.00

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