Teacher Katie Crane   Date 10/10/2020
Location Ocean Pilates
43 Donald Dr
Safety Bay, WA 6169
  Time 1 pm - 5 pm
    Duration 4 Hours

This workshop is designed to improve a movement professional’s understanding of the structures and the neck and jaw. Workshop participants will gain a better understanding of how certain exercises relate to the neck and jaw.

The workshop is designed to provide participants with the capacity to critically analyse specific pathologies of the neck and jaw and to develop strategies for exercises and movement that will help facilitate recovery and minimise the risk of further injuries. The pathologies and conditions explored include disc rupture, first rib syndrome, jaw grinding/clenching and torticollis.

This tutorial works in conjunction with the Anatomy Dimensions series that covers each of the key parts of the body that relate to healthy, functional movement. The key learning outcomes of this tutorial are an understanding of the following concepts and exercise strategies that can be used in a studio setting:

//     Review of the role of neck and jaw.
//     An understanding of how the repertoire can be used to strengthen and release the neck and jaw.
//     An understanding of the different types of neck and jaw pathologies and exercise considerations.
//     An understanding of how the repertoire can be used to facilitate improved neck and jaw functioning.

A comprehensive workbook and repertoire manual will be provided.

Early bird special $180 ends 10 September 2020! Full price $220.

For this workshop you can accrue 4 professional development points with APMA and PAA.

$220.00 $180.00

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