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Diploma of Pilates Movement Therapy 10867NAT

Body Organics is now offering a comprehensive range of pilates courses in Brisbane and Queensland, including the nationally accredited qualification Diploma of Pilates Movement Therapy 10867NAT developed by the Australian Pilates Method Association (APMA). The design of this diploma-level pilates instructor course was based on the APMA’s well-established Level Two Instructor Course, with the result being the most comprehensive and balanced training certification in the marketplace. APMA-approved providers in each State are delivering the diploma course and Body Organics is proud to be an approved provider of this APMA Pilates instructor course in Brisbane and Queensland.

The pilates course in Brisbane is designed to teach the theoretical and historical basis of the Pilates Method and prepare students to work safely, professionally and with confidence. The aim is for the students to become proficient at teaching a variety of traditional and contemporary interpretations of the Pilates Method repertoire. You will gain an understanding of the methodology necessary to modify the exercises for use by clientele with a wide variety of pathologies, conditions and specific needs. Students who successfully complete this training will be prepared to work with low-to-medium risk clients in a studio equipment setting, either one-on-one or with small groups.

So whether you intend to gain your mat class certification, work in an equipment-based studio, in referral from or in tandem with other allied health professionals (with medium-high risk clients), this pilates diploma course is the clear choice.

Our 2021 in person dates for the Diploma are listed below.



What sets the Body Organics pilates instructor course apart?

//     There are online components that can be undertaken at your own pace.// Our course instructors are based in Brisbane, where the training is being delivered
//     Students have the opportunity for placement within one of our 3 Brisbane studios
//     Access to multidisciplinary professionals for a broader understanding of the integration of movement and biomechanics
//     Greater depth of understanding, as movement education is more than just teaching a series of exercises
//     Self Mastery classes are available for candidates to self master and ask questions about their progress
//     Backed by the APMA, the industry’s peak body and advocate for professional qualifications

When comparing our course to other options you need to know?

// Your mentoring is included in the course cost you do not pay additional fees for tutorials and review of your supervision work

// Your supervised teaching hours are organised for you.  Many courses will provide you with the course but it is up to you to find a studio that will help you obtain the necessary supervision and observation hours.  You do not pay for the supervision hours with us., this is all included in your course fees

// Your anatomy and physiology is included in your training.  We review anatomy as part of how we teach you to understand movement and the application to the repertoire.  You do not pay extra for your anatomy training.

// Our students are encouraged to support and work together throughout the course and once they graduate.  The course is run in a non competitive and supportive environment

pilates diploma course Brisbane

What pilates instructor jobs will this pilates course qualified me for?

Upon successful completion of the diploma program this certification will qualify you for employment in the following areas:

//     Pilates movement therapy and exercise in a group or individual environment
//     Dedicated pilates studio practice
//     Gyms and multidisciplinary fitness environments
//     Group fitness community centres and health spas
//     Corporate health programmes
//     Dance and sports conditioning
//     Physiotherapy or allied health environment

Who can do the diploma-level pilates teacher training?

Our students come from a variety of backgrounds such as dancers, fitness professionals or pilates teachers. You may be qualified to certificate level already, but are wanting to upgrade and upskill to a diploma-level qualification with a movement therapy and rehabilitation focus.

Is the diploma a suitable pilates course for physiotherapists and other allied health professionals?

The Diploma is an ideal course for physiotherapists and other allied health professionals (exercise physiologists, osteopaths, occupational therapists, massage therapists). Our diploma-level courses for physiotherapists and allied health professionals offer comprehensive training that equips practitioners with the skills to teach and cue movement, helping their clients go through the processes of recovery, reintegration and rehabilitation. Our pilates courses are designed to give students a deep theoretical understanding of pilates as well as a practical knowledge of critical thinking and movement solutions.   Our focus is on teaching you to teach.

pilates diploma training course Queensland

How long do the diploma pilates courses take?

The Diploma takes 12 months with a combination of on-site lectures, workshops and seminars along with personal practice, supervised placement and observation.

How much will it cost to become a pilates teacher?

The course fee is $8,200 (payable in stages over 6 months) plus a $300 student administration fee or $9,020 payable over 16 months.   Student loans are available. Remember this includes your tutorials, exams, lectures and your supervised teaching practice.

Would you like to find out more about how to become a Pilates teacher with a widely respected Pilates certification?

If you’d like to know how to be a pilates instructor then call us now on +61 7 3724 0470 or register your interest. We’ll forward you detailed information on this Brisbane-based instructor training course plus an enrolment form.

When will the next intake of students commence?

Student intakes for this diploma occur at least twice per year, typically in February and July. Enrol now and download the Diploma of Pilates Movement Therapy Application Form

Where are the pilates teacher training courses held?

Our courses are held in Brisbane at the Body Organics West End studio, ideal for those who live in Brisbane or can easily travel to Brisbane. Our courses cater for students from all over.


Learning that the pilates method incorporates more than just the mat or reformer

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