Paediatric occupational therapists can help with a wide range of childhood issues

Many things can impact on a child’s ability to function, whether at school, at home or at play. Paediatric occupational therapy can help with early childhood concerns, from babies who are not reaching their milestones, to school aged children with specific learning and behavioural issues, including sensory processing issues. The therapist will work collaboratively with teachers, parents and other professionals to achieve the most successful outcomes in therapy.

Common concerns that a paediatric occupational therapist can assess and treat include: fine motor skills and handwriting; self care and independence; gross motor skills; visual perceptual skills; sensory processing; cognitive skills; social and emotional issues.

Paediatric occupational therapists work with a variety of specific conditions including sensory processing disorder, dyspraxia, developmental coordination disorder, autism, autistic spectrum disorder, Down syndrome, global developmental delay, learning difficulties and other syndromes/genetic disorders.

Body Organics is a multidisciplinary practice, so your paediatric occupational therapist can also collaborate with other children’s health care professionals, for example a paediatric physiotherapist or developmental paediatrician. This integrative approach often results in faster, more effective treatment and recovery from a range of conditions.

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