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Innovative, elegant and timeless, Makarlu breaks new ground in the field of studio props and tools that facilitate proprioception, myofascial release, balance and movement.


Makarlu nesting domes

Patent Pending


Makarlu Lotus available now


The exciting new collection includes the patented Makarlu Lotus and Makarlu Coast; three nesting domes thoughtfully designed to accommodate a wide range of individual needs, from early rehabilitation through to highly conditioned performers and athletes. They are ideal for feet, hands and everywhere in between.

Crafted from high quality, sustainably sourced and produced materials, Makarlu Lotus provides for myriad variations and applications.

•     Compact and portable for studio, home, office, travel

•     Change combinations to adjust firmness

•     Different sizes, varied surface textures

•     For use in multiple planes


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