Structural integration can help with chronic muscular pain and postural dysfunction

Structural Integration BrisbaneWhat is applied structural integration?

Applied structural integration is a transformative bodywork therapy developed from the traditions of Dr Ida Rolf and Rolfing, Joseph Heller and Hellerwork, Ron Kurtz and Hakomi Body Centered Psychotherapy and the transformational movement work of Moshe Feldenkrais and Judith Aston.

Structural integration may be for you if you suffer from low energy, poor posture, stiffness, shortness of breath, back pain, neck and shoulder pain, depressed mood, muscular aches or arthritis.

About structural integration treatments

Applied structural integration offers one of the best adjunctive approaches to chronic muscular pain syndromes and postural dysfunction, emphasising prevention and education. Typically, after a thorough assessment clients go through a dynamic series of ten 90 minute sessions, although practitioners can design sessions to suit individual requirements.

How does it work?

The connective tissues of the body are released and lengthened through deep tissue myofascial release, restoring mobility between muscle layers, enhancing efficient movement between joints. Movement re-education is explored to establish better functional patterns of body usage which in turn prevents the return of tension to the body.

Prevention is the best form of treatment

Although structural integration may be effective for pain or relief of tension, we recognise that pain and tension are usually the result of an overall pattern of imbalance occurring in the body. Rather than treating the pain or tension “symptom” of this imbalance, we focus on rebalancing the entire body, so that it can exist in an optimal state of balance and grace.

Benefits of structural integration

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Although structural integration is not designed to treat medical or health problems, we have found by releasing tension and aligning the body our clients often experience changes such as:

Improvement of posture and body shape

Movement lessons are part of the program. Through these lessons we learn about our optimal postural alignment and how to position ourselves in an easy and relaxed manner, through the middle of our joints, both in the static and dynamic state. When this happens our soft tissue arranges in a balanced and more flattering way which often looks as though there has been weight loss.

Increased flexibility and ease of movement

When the soft tissues of the body are released and lengthened, it opens up more space and freedom in the joints. This has the effect of creating more flexibility and ease in the body. Often people who have never been able to touch their toes or sit cross-legged are able to after receiving structural integration sessions.

Increased vitality and fitness

When we are able to move with ease and flexibility in our body, it takes less energy out of our system enabling us to feel like we have more “gas in our tank” at the end of the day. To use the analogy of the motor car, clients often feel like they have had their “handbrake released”. This frees up energy for other activities, instead of barely making it through the day.

Less rigidity means less wear and tear on the joints

When flexibility and balance return to our body, our joints regain their range of motion and balance, relieving compression and inviting more fluid into the joint space.

Improved athletic performance

When our body is balanced and flexible our muscular system is able to work optimally, thereby enhancing our strength, coordination and stamina. Often this means less fatigue in training and the ability to feel more competent both physically and mentally when competing.

Counter gravity

The process is designed to align the body optimally within the gravitational field – something that we negotiate our whole lives for better or for worse. When we are in alignment with gravity our body stays upright with ease and fluidity and the usual compensatory holding patterns are minimised, reducing tension and pain in the body.

Find our more

Locate the right structural integration practitioner for your needs – check out the profile of Linda McClure of Quantum Health Solutions and read about her skills, experience, qualifications and special interest areas. Find out more about Structural Integration by visiting the Australian School of Applied Structural Integration & Somatic Studies.

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Structural integration treatments are available at the Body Organics West End studio in Brisbane, convenient Brisbane city location.

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