Our professional physiotherapy services in Brisbane can help achieve your goal of healthy, pain-free and functional movement.

At Body Organics our physiotherapists work with clients to help them achieve their individual goals. At our West End and Annerley studios we provide comprehensive physiotherapy assessments and treatments for a range of concerns including injuries, pain and functional movement. And we’re open from early until late on most weekdays, so physio appointments before or after your work day are welcome! We’re also open on Saturday mornings.

What can I expect with my session with a physiotherapist?

At the initial physiotherapy consultation a thorough assessment is undertaken by the physio, from which a plan is developed. This physiotherapy plan will address your areas of dysfunction and work to regain pain free movement, leading to an improvement in function and performance in life and activities that you enjoy.

Physiotherapy treatment will generally include mobilisation to restore normal mobility to joints, soft tissues and major nerve bundles. Education in self-care is also an important aspect of your physio treatment for long-term solutions. Your physiotherapist can recommend a program of physiotherapy exercises (specific and general instruction) that address posture, ergonomics and movement habits.

At Body Organics our physiotherapists use a variety of manual therapy techniques including: myofascial and soft tissue release, joint mobilisation, dry needling and massage. We believe that the combination of manual therapy together with an appropriate exercise program (for example pilates, Gyrotonic or CoreAlign) can result in faster and longer lasting results.

Our physiotherapists treat one patient at a time, so you can be sure that their attention will be focused on you and your recovery. Initial consultations with our physiotherapists are typically 60 minutes and follow up sessions are 45 minutes.

Body Organics is a multidisciplinary Brisbane practice, so your physiotherapist can also collaborate with other health care professionals, for example a podiatrist or pilates teacher for clinical pilates exercises. This integrative approach often results in faster, more effective treatment and recovery from a range of conditions.

Physiotherapy and clinical pilates in Brisbane

More effective and longer lasting results can be achieved by combining physiotherapy treatment with clinical pilates


What conditions can a physiotherapist treat?

Our experienced physiotherapists treat people of all ages and fitness levels with a variety of injuries and health conditions. We offer sports physiotherapy for sports injuries and paediatric physiotherapy for the very young right through to physiotherapy services to nursing homes. Issues our physiotherapists can help you with include:

//     Sports injuries
//     Back and neck pain, both acute and chronic
//     Complications from chronic illness e.g. multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s syndrome, arthritis, diabetes and cancer
//     Complications from pregnancy and post partum problems
//     Women’s health issues
//     Postural problems
//     Post-surgical rehabilitation
//     Performance optimisation

More information on physiotherapy

Find the right Brisbane physio for your needs – check out their profiles and read about their skills, experience, physio qualifications and special interest areas.

Learn more about the practice of physiotherapy and what it can do for you at the profession’s official web site: Australian Physiotherapy Association.

Physiotherapy exercises Brisbane sports physio

Specific physiotherapy exercises help with injuries, pain and functional movement


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