FAQ on how to get started with Body Organics®

Here we provide answers to the most common questions we get asked about how to get started with Body Organics. If your question isn’t on the list, please call or email – we’ll be happy to answer it for you!

Q. How do I get get started?

Studio classes:     For all classes that utilise our pilates, Gyrotonic® and CoreAlign® equipment you will start with an initial consultation, which is a private class. We use the initial consultation to assess your body and determine the best possible program for your needs. We start to teach you about the method in an intense lesson with just you and an instructor. This technique is designed to help you to better understand the equipment and your body, helping to address postural, body alignment and other problems that can cause pain. You will also learn a breathing method that is integral to the exercises.

Group classes:     For the group classes (e.g. pilates matwork, yoga) we don’t start with a private initial consultation. For your first session you’re able to join in with an existing class, usually with no more than 10 clients. However it’s still advisable to check with us first as the desired skill level for different types of classes can vary.

Practitioner appointments:     These sessions (e.g. physiotherapy, osteopathy) also start with an initial consultation, typically for one hour. Prior to this appointment you will be asked to complete an Initial Consultation form that provides the practitioner with background information related to your issues or concerns (e.g. prior surgery, lower back pain, movement problems). If follow-up appointments are required they are usually shorter, e.g. 30 or 45 minutes. Of course all therapy sessions are private, just you and your practitioner.

Q. Can I have a permanent booking each week?

Yes, it is better that way because you can plan your week to include pilates. If you would like to come at the same time each week it is easy to have us add you to our permanent booking records and your booking will be available each week. However if you have a varying timetable, we can be flexible with your appointment.

Q. What happens if I cannot make it to an appointment?

You need to telephone us at least 24 hours before your appointment. This way some one else can have your appointment or we can reschedule staff. If you do not notify us at least 24 hours before your appointment, we may charge a cancellation fee.

Q. What if I am pregnant?

Pilates is a safe and effective exercise for most pregnant women and for those who have recently given birth. The exercise helps:

//     Address postural problems
//     Pelvic floor strength
//     Abdominal and back strength
//     Recovery from birth

All prenatal clients must start with a private initial consultation whether it is for a studio class or the special prenatal mat class. Please note that a certificate from your treating doctor is required before you start classes.

Q. What if I am in pain?

If you have any problems or pain you must tell your instructor at the beginning of the class. Your program will be changed to help reduce your pain, and to make sure you do not do any further damage to your body. If you are currently receiving treatment from a medical or health professional, it may be helpful for us to liaise with them, with your permission.

Q. Is pilates a cardiovascular exercise?

At a beginner level pilates is not a cardiovascular exercise. It requires you to be very precise and careful in your movements and this will generally mean you need to work slowly and mindfully. At an intermediate or advanced level we can incorporate cardiovascular focus, provided you are working safely.

Q. Do I get to try different exercises?

Yes, your repertoire of work will slowly increase and you will get to try new and different exercises over time. All of the exercises are based on an understanding of the method and of muscle use. As you become more comfortable with the foundations of the method and your body becomes stronger, we will slowly challenge your body with more complex exercises. Our instructors will guide you so that you work safely but, at the same time, make sure that you are progressing.

Q. Can children do pilates?

Yes. Children are increasingly being impacted by issues or conditions related to weight, posture, injuries, motor coordination, low tone or musculoskeletal development. We know what pilates can do for our adult clients and pilates for kids can also offer a range of benefits. For example: improved posture and spinal alignment; increased strength and flexibility; balanced musculature; pain relief and reduced potential for injury.

The type and length of class that’s best for your child will depend on their age and the nature of injury, illness or condition with which they’re dealing. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and we can design a targeted program to suit.

Q. How many classes should I do each week?

A session typically requires an hour of your time. Sometimes a class will be a little longer or a little less. Ideally you should try to attend two to three sessions a week, which allows your body to build strength and for you to reinforce the things that you have learned. Remember that pilates helps to address muscular and postural habits which have sometimes been building over a very long time, so these habits cannot be addressed unless you are regularly reinforcing what you have learned.

Many people come to pilates once a week and still build strength and understanding of the exercise. Different bodies respond differently, but as a guide it is a good idea to have two sessions a week when you first start.

Q. What happens next?

Following your initial one-on-one appointment, your subsequent studio equipment sessions will be with a small class of up to 4 clients per teacher (unless of course you choose to continue with private 1:1 sessions). The exercises you are given each session may be similar to begin with, allowing you to build an understanding of the movements and to get to know your own body. As you progress, your sessions will become more varied and challenging.

Q. How do I make my next appointment?

At the end of the initial consultation your teacher will take payment and discuss possible appointment times with you. You can choose to make a series of appointments at the same times each week, or you can book each future appointment at the end of each class.

Q. What can I expect in my initial consultation?

At your initial consultation we will start by asking you some questions to clarify any health problems or injuries you may have. We will take notes from this information and throughout your assessment so that we can determine what needs to be programmed for your body. We will make notes about your body’s strengths and weaknesses and about any postural problems you may have, which we’ll discuss with you at the end of your initial consultation. Other teachers or practitioners who may work with you whilst you are at the studio may, with your approval, refer to these notes.

Q. What do I wear?

When you are doing classes it’s advisable to wear loose and comfortable exercise clothing. However please be mindful that a certain modesty is appropriate, particularly when you have your legs in the air! There’s no need to have fancy shoes, as we prefer to have you wearing socks so that you can work on strengthening your feet. A spare pair of clean socks is a good idea if you’re coming straight from work.

Q. What do I bring?

If you have a history of back, neck or other problems it is helpful if you bring your x-ray reports or any letters from your medical or health practitioner. This information will help us understand any underlying skeletal or muscular problems you may have and as a result any additional care we need to take.

Q. When do I arrive?

For your initial consultation we ask you to arrive about 10 to 15 minutes before your appointment. This allows us to have you fill in paper work and to show you around the studio so that we can start working with you for the entire hour of your consultation. For subsequent sessions all you need to prepare yourself is around 5 minutes before an appointment or class starts.

Q. Can I just turn up, like at a gym?

No. Private classes, small classes and therapy sessions are run on an appointment basis only. Bookings are required so we can ensure you receive the proper instruction and supervision. Group classes are an exception where you may be able to join in at short notice, however bookings are still appreciated as it allows us to plan ahead.

Q. How do I pay?

At the studio we accept cash, debit card or credit card (MasterCard and Visa). Many of our services can be claimed immediately with your health fund on our HICAPS terminal – check with your health fund.

Q. Can I claim a rebate for my allied health treatment?

Yes, depending on your type and level of private health insurance. There are two types of private health insurance – hospital cover and extras cover. Many of the health services provided at Body Organics are claimable under your private health fund’s extras cover. Extras policies provide benefits for ancillary health services such as physiotherapy, remedial massage, osteopathy, podiatry and other therapies.

The level of rebate you receive under your health insurance cover varies depending on which health fund you are with and on your level of cover. If you would like to find out the amount that will be covered for a particular service, just contact Body Organics and we can provide you with the service item number so you can enquire with your health fund.

Our physiotherapy, myotherapy, musculoskeletal and massage treatments can usually be claimed immediately after you’ve finished your appointment with the practitioner.

At each Body Organics studio we have a dedicated HICAPS / EFTPOS terminal so you can quickly and easily process your private health fund and Medicare claims. Simply swipe your health fund or Medicare card into the HICAPS terminal and just pay the gap amount with your credit or debit card (we accept MasterCard or Visa).

Q. Can I claim a rebate on my pilates classes?

Private health insurance reforms effective 1st April 2019
Our proud Pilates heritage began way back in 2002 as Pilates & Healing. Since then, the team has delivered thousands of Pilates classes to our satisfied clients. Specialised Pilates classes designed to suit your individual goals and needs always has and always will be at the core of our business.

The Department of Health has conducted a review of natural therapies in its campaign to help contain premium increases for private health insurance. As a result of these reforms, from 1st April 2019 all Pilates classes will no longer be eligible for rebates under physiotherapy extras cover with your private health insurer.

Body Organics will continue to provide quality Pilates sessions with our team of highly skilled Pilates instructors. If you have a particular injury or concern that needs to be considered in the development of (or throughout) your personalised Pilates program, seeing a physiotherapist is recommended.

For clients looking to manage chronic conditions or wanting treatment for specific pathologies from injury or other conditions we offer small group physiotherapy classes. These individualised exercise classes incorporate a range of studio equipment and are delivered by our physiotherapists, with a maximum of 3 clients per practitioner. These classes may be claimed with your private health fund under your physiotherapy extras cover.

Q. Do you have HICAPS so I can claim my health rebate straight away?

Yes. At each Body Organics studio we have a dedicated HICAPS / EFTPOS terminal so you can quickly and easily process your private health fund and Medicare claims. Simply swipe your health fund or Medicare card into the HICAPS terminal and just pay the gap amount with your credit or debit card (we accept MasterCard or Visa).

Q. Does Medicare provide benefits for any of your services?

Yes. For many of the health services provided at Body Organics you or your family members may be eligible for assistance from Medicare or other government programs. Some examples are the Chronic Disease Management program, the Better Access initiative for mental health and the Helping Children with Autism package. Check with your doctor, health professional, Medicare or the relevant department for more details.


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