Effective speech, language and communication underpin many aspects of our children’s lives

Effective speech, language and communication underpin so many other aspects of our children’s lives. Our speech pathologists are passionate about helping children and families to overcome a range of speech language difficulties. They provide fun and effective treatment approaches creating positive outcomes and confident communicators.

Speech pathology can assist with a range of childhood communication concerns including: school age speech and language; early literacy; stuttering; phonological and articulation speech disorders as well as speech delay; childhood apraxia of speech; phonological speech sound disorders; articulation difficulties; early language development; social communication difficulties.

Speech pathologists can also have specialised expertise in the assessment and treatment for children and adolescents with autism spectrum conditions, Asperger’s syndrome, high functioning autism, ADD/ADHD and developmental disabilities.

Body Organics is a multidisciplinary practice, so your paediatric speech pathologist can also collaborate with other children’s health care professionals, for example a paediatric psychologist, behaviour analyst or developmental paediatrician. This integrative approach often results in faster, more effective treatment and recovery from a range of conditions.

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