In keeping with how we've approached the nuanced subject matter and granular detail you know from our in-person courses, these online courses will take your knowledge deeper.

Online pilates training- acquire the knowledge.
Face-to-face – acquire the skills

Take your knowledge deeper

Online pilates training is available in conjunction with Body Organics Education. We understand that movement education is more than just teaching a series of exercises. It is about understanding the components of movement and the cues that can get a person to move and to go through the processes of recovery, integration and conditioning.

Our online pilates training courses are designed to give students an understanding of the Pilates Method, anatomy, and pathology. Practical skills of communication and application of anatomy to modify movement, critical thinking, and solutions are all acquired in our face-to-face training.

The online pilates courses are recognised by Pilates Alliance Australasia, Australian Pilates Method Alliance and Pilates Method Alliance (USA). Our courses also accrue continuing education points for members of ESSAAusActive, AHPRA and NPCP.

We work with course providers in Brisbane, Cairns, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Sunshine Coast and Virginia have several intakes a year.  Enrol now.

Find Your Kind At Body Organics Education

Online pilates training in mat and reformer certification,is your starting point to acquire knowledge. Body Organics Education scaffolds that knowledge in its face-to-face training. It is in the face-to-face training that you acquire the skills to work and teach the pilates method whether it be as a fitness reformer teacher, studio pilates teacher or clinical pilates practitioner. Whether you are just looking to start your career in the body movement and health industry or to improve your knowledge and skills in your chosen profession, Body Organics Education may have a course for you. Body Organics studios work in conjunction with Body Organics Education to provide a comprehensive range of education, training and professional development courses across a range of body movement and health disciplines.

Body Organics Education has put together several online training courses that you can access at any time. The workshops range from Foundational, Repertoire and Specialist Courses. We are also associated with Australian and international organisations to provide quality and comprehensive Pilates Certification programs.


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