Advanced Diploma of Pilates Movement Therapy

advanced diploma of pilates methodAdvanced Diploma of Pilates Movement Therapy NAT10568

We will be offering the nationally accredited qualification Advanced Diploma of Pilates Movement Therapy NAT10568, developed by the Australian Pilates Method Association (APMA). This course is designed to further the work from the Diploma of Pilates Movement Therapy NAT10567 by deepening the practitioner’s ability to teach pilates exercise using a variety of somatic theories, bodywork techniques and psychological strategies.

APMA-approved providers in each State are delivering the advanced diploma course in the Pilates Method and Body Organics is proud to be an approved provider for Queensland.

Graduates of the advanced diploma will be prepared to work with medium-to-high risk clients in a studio equipment setting, either one-on-one or with small groups. Upon successful completion students will have skills and expertise enabling them to:

//     Manage a dedicated pilates studio
//     Supervise, direct and manage studio staff and clients
//     Work alongside and in consultation with allied health professionals
//     Apply enhanced practical skills
//     Effectively utilise medical and scientific research
//     Use advanced health terminology in a professional context
//     Employ advanced understanding of injury rehabilitation, musculoskeletal impairment and underlying pathologies and conditions

Units covered by Advanced Diploma of Pilates Movement Therapy NAT10568

//     HLTCOM503D – Manage a practice
//     HLTAN510C – Use advanced health terminology in a professional context
//    HLTHIR506C – Implement and monitor compliance with legal and ethical requirements
//     SISFFIT528A – Apply research findings to exercise management strategies
//     PILEXS601A – Utilise advanced knowledge of exercise science in the delivery of Pilates Movement Therapy (PMT)
//     PILSOM602A – Implement selected somatic theory and body work techniques for inclusion in PMT
//     PILPSY603A – Implement psychological theories, skills and strategies for PMT

The course also covers such topics as:

//     Cancer and pilates ( 30 hours)
//     Neurological conditions and pilates (30 hours)
//     Chronic diseases and pilates (30 hours)
//     Somatic movement (30 hours)

Plus repertoire, client management and studio management techniques.

What areas of employment will I be qualified for?

Upon successfully completion of the advanced diploma program graduates will be qualified for employment in the following areas:

//     Pilates movement therapy and exercise in a group or individual environment
//     Dedicated pilates studio practice
//     Gyms and multidisciplinary fitness environments
//     Group fitness community centres and health spas
//     Corporate health programmes
//     Dance and sports conditioning
//     Physiotherapy or clinical health environment

How much does the course cost?

Potential pathways into this qualification include successful completion of the Diploma of Pilates Movement Therapy NAT10567 or through recognition of relevant prior learning.

The course fee for the Advanced Diploma of Pilates Movement Therapy NAT10568 is $3,800 (payable in stages) plus a $300 student administration fee. Note that this is in addition to any fees you may have previously paid to undertake the Diploma of Pilates Movement Therapy NAT10567.

How do I get started and take my body movement and health education to a better place?

For more details on the next intake of students for the Advanced Diploma and to keep up to date with new developments, call us now on +61 7 3724 0470 or register your interest and we’ll email you detailed information on this course plus an enrolment form.

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