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What are pilates studio equipment classes?

Our studio pilates equipment classes in Brisbane focus on both your body and mind to create core stability, postural alignment and mental wellbeing. Our studios are equipped with more than just reformers. We have a whole array of traditional pilates equipment, gyrotonic equipment and CoreAlign. All of our equipment and classes are intended to help to build flexibility, fascial flexibility, muscle strength and endurance in the whole body. Pilates emphasizes spinal and pelvic alignment, breathing, developing a strong core or centre and improving coordination and balance.

Our movement classes place emphasis on posture alignment and control. The mind can be calmed by focusing on mindful attention to movement and precision while using the body as a whole. Our focus is on promoting good health through good posture, strong alignment, flexibility, control and balance.

Pilates and movement classes allow for different exercises to be modified in their range of difficulty from beginner to advanced. Intensity can be increased over time as the body conditions itself and adapts to the exercises. You need to work carefully and accurately, with the exercises modified or adjusted to suit your particular needs. So whilst there are very specific exercises, they are generally changed for each individual so as to facilitate the needs of each person’s body.

Benefits of Pilates studio equipment classes

Pilates Studio in Brisbane with skilled teachers

Skilled pilates instructors focus on our clients’ specific needs

Pilates is great for overall strengthening of the body and highly effective when used for specific rehabilitation of injuries and conditions. This form of exercise benefits you by helping to tone and strengthen your body through the use of resistance from springs, bands and small weights, as well as your own body weight. As a result, you will find that regular pilates gives you the flat, lean muscles of a dancer, rather than those of a body builder. Over time you will acquire the strength that allows you to lift and utilise your body weight rather than the strength of lifting weights at a gym.

Who should do studio pilates?

Our classes are a safe form of exercise for people of any age , size,  body type, gender, or ability as programs are individually tailored to your body and its specific needs.

Pilates exercise can help you prevent or recover from injury, manage pain or chronic conditions or improve your conditioning for a variety of sports. It’s also great for those who just want to maintain their general health and wellbeing.

Our classes are particularly beneficial for those who suffer from osteoporosis, pregnant women, women recovering from breast cancer surgery, people with back and knee injuries and many other specific conditions.

For the sports-minded, this form of exercise is a great way of helping to strengthen and improve your general condition and performance as a dancer, cyclist, swimmer, runner or other sports pursuit. It does this through improving or correcting body alignment, trunk stability, movement and muscle firing patterns, strength and flexibility.

Pilates studio classes at Body Organics

When working in any of our three fully equipped pilates studios in Brisbane you will have the benefit of working in small, highly supervised classes with our professional instructors, ensuring you work effectively and safely.

Our studios are comprehensively equipped with all the traditional and modern pilates equipment, including the Reformer, Wunda Chair, Trapeze Table, Barrel and more. In addition to our extensive range of pilates machines, we’re one of a select number of studios in Australia to also have Gyrotonic and CoreAlign equipment. The different equipment allows your class to be adapted to your needs and capacity so that you’ll always be challenged and so never be bored.

What’s the difference between reformer pilates and studio pilates?

Many studios offer reformer classes that only use the reformer. These reformer classes typically take a larger number of clients through a set series of reformer exercises. However, the reformer is just one of a wide variety of machines available. At Body Organics, our studio classes use a wide array of equipment, with no more than four clients each doing a personalised program with their skilled teacher. Our range of equipment is one of the most comprehensive in Australia.

Our pilates instructors have the skill and experience to help you achieve your goals

This particular method of movement was developed and refined by Joseph Pilates throughout the 20th century. After his death, the method evolved and developed – firstly through his five original students, and then through the formalisation of the training throughout the world. The diversity in training and interpretation of the work has been its strength, but can also be problematic for maintaining quality for pilates clients: some individuals become a ‘pilates instructor’ after a 3-day course, whilst others complete lengthy theoretical and apprentice-based training.

At Body Organics our teachers have completed the training courses recognised by both the Australian Pilates Method Association (APMA) and the Pilates Alliance Australasia (PAA). These courses have meant our teachers have a deep understanding of the Pilates Method and how that method can be applied to movement, posture and rehabilitation.

We have been operating our studios since 2002 and can offer:

//     Many years of experience
//     Commitment to well-trained staff who are constantly updating their knowledge
//     Diversity in teaching styles and approaches
//     Extensive equipment, props and supports
//     Personalised and caring approach with a client centred focus
//     Challenge, variety and safety in our small, personalised classes

Our aim is to help you achieve your goals whilst you learn to understand and achieve the balance between strength and flexibility. What some of our clients have to say:

“I injured myself in January and saw specialists, doctors and physiotherapists. The Body Organics people were the ones that were able to help me take the small steps towards recovery”     Dr D.L.

“I am a long distance runner and thought I would try out these classes to see how they could help me. Within five sessions I had knocked ten minutes off my personal best – it was amazing”     Judith P.

“I had not been able to walk because of the pain in my feet and hips. I had seen so many people but I thought I’d try Body Organics to see if they could help. I had been given exercises before, but it was only once I had seen Carla that I actually I understood how to do the exercise properly. I have sent so many people to see Body Organics because of how they have helped me walk, swim and ski again.”     Dr K.P.

“I had not been able to do up my shoe laces or buckles for years. I can now and can do so many other things thanks to their patience and help.“     Avril N.

“I came to Body Organics because of a recurring ankle problem and I wanted to compete in the Mt Everest half marathon in two months time. Two years later I still come to Body Organics as part of my journey of understanding in how to move without injury.”     Nicky S.

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