Timely treatment and rehabilitation can help prevent future issues from developing

The old adage that ‘time will heal all wounds’ doesn’t always hold true. If you’ve suffered from an illness or injury then you may need help to achieve the fastest, most effective recovery. Too often we rely on just letting nature take its course, which may lead to suboptimal results and complications further down the track. For example, what seems to be just a simple ankle sprain may cause pain, weakness and movement limitations in later years. Timely rehabilitation and treatment can help prevent these future issues from developing.

At Body Organics our range of services can provide rapid, effective and lasting rehabilitation from injury or illness. Our aim is to help you achieve, maintain and enjoy good movement and physical health. We provide the ideal environment for health practitioners and body movement instructors to work collaboratively with fellow professionals. It’s through this integrative approach that we achieve the optimal outcome for our clients.

Our treatments and programs can be designed specifically for you to help in areas such as:

//    Sports injuries and recovery
//     Work related injuries, e.g. lower back
//     Repetitive stress injuries
//     Pre and post-surgery management
//     Alleviating scar tissue
//     Fall recovery and prevention
//     Protect against osteoporosis

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