The Introduction to Movement course manual is an introduction to anatomical terms of movement that are relevant for teachers and students wanting to go onto learn any movement or therapy discipline.

It is also an introduction to concepts of injuries and recovery stages for bones, joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments. The information is intended to help practitioners better understand and work with medical and allied health practitioners to achieve consistent client programming and movement strategies. It can be read on its own , but is foremost designed to complement the Body Organics Education’s Anatomy and Teaching Foundations online course. It is part of our Foundational courses.

The manual also introduces the concepts of the muscular slings and their role in dynamic stability and movement and is a great way for experienced practitioners to review their basic anatomy terminology and refresh their knowledge.

The key learning outcomes are:

// An understanding of planes of movement and movement directions.

// An understanding of bone types and fracture types as well as the stages of bone healing.

// An understanding of broad strategies for working with fractures in a studio setting.

// An understanding of joint types.

// An understanding of tendons, ligaments and injury types as well as strategies for dealing with those injury types in a studio setting.

// An understanding of muscles and muscular slings.

// A basic understanding of exercise principles.

// A basic understanding of the sensory and motor cortex.


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