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At our West End studio, we offer a variety of group Pilates classes using specific apparatus. These group classes are different from our semi-private classes as they are not individualised to specific client goals.  These classes are still small (5:1) and our teachers will adjust and modify classes as appropriate to ensure you receive a safe and dynamic class.

As our teachers are all comprehensively trained and recognised by the Pilates Alliance of Australia, they are able to teach and progress group class programs on all the Pilates apparatus, meaning that you can participate in safe and interesting group class options.

In purchasing this group classes pack you can participate in  variety of Pilates group equipment classes including:

// Reformer – a maximum of 5 clients for a 50 minute class

// Pilates tower – a maximum of 5 clients for a 50 minute class

// Wunda chair  – a maximum of 5 clients for a 50 minute class

// Circuit using a variety of small apparatus as you work through stations – a maximum of 5 clients for a 50-minute class

Before attending these classes you will need to complete a screening questionnaire to ensure that this is the right class for you.

This 20 pack class must be used within 5 months of attending the first class in your pack.

AU$ 650.00

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