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Pilates West End – Treatment for
Injury and Illness

At Body Organics our pilates teachers are qualified. That means our teachers have undertaken comprehensive training recognised by the Pilates Alliance Australia which requires nearly 100o hours of training

Our experienced pilates teachers work with people of all ages and fitness levels with a variety of injuries and health conditions. You can try our:

// Individualised Semi-Private classes where your class is tailored to your needs and goals.There is a maximum of four people in the class and your class will be monitored and changed to your needs. You will use a wide variety of pilates apparatus as well as Gyrotonic Towers, Fuse Ladders and the CoreAlign.  To participate in semi-private classes you will start with a Private Class where we assess and identify your needs and program.

// Group Classes are limited to five(5) people in a class and each person is monitored but all doing the same program.  Our classes are progressed over time ensuring that you build strength safely without getting bored. There are a variety of class options each using specific pilates equipment for the whole class. This includes:

  • Reformer
  • Wunda Chair
  • Tower
  • Circuit

Pilates convenient West End location with pain free appointment times

Located at 11/205 Montague Rd, West End, our relaxed and extremely well-equipped studio is open from early until late on most weekdays. So pilates appointments before or after your work day are welcome! Lunchtime and Saturday morning appointments are also popular.

Our qualified and experienced pilates professionals can help you with:

//   Back & neck pain

//  Balance, Strength Flexibility

//   Shoulder problems

//   Knee and ankle injuries

//   Hip pain and dysfunction

//   Sports injuries and conditioning

//   Chest and respiratory concerns

//   Postural and scoliosis problems

//   Women’s health

//   Post-surgical rehabilitation

//   Complications from chronic
//   illness

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