Pilates Mat Class Timetable

Pilates mat classes are held only at the West End studio. These classes provide personal attention from your teacher as they cater for a around 10 clients per class. These specialised Pilates classes are designed by exercise physiologists and physiotherapists.

West End Studio
Morning Classes Afternoon Classes Evening Classes
Monday 11:00am general

3:30pm general

Thursday      12 noon general

General Pilates

This is a strength-based mat class for people wanting to build overall strength and flexibility.


This class is designed for people wanting to building strength and responsiveness to changing situations, minimising risk of falls and increasing confidence in moving on uneven surfaces. Great for people planning a long hike or just wanting more confidence walking around their garden.

Stretch and release

This class focusses on flexibility and release work, combining traditional Pilates repertoire, dynamic stretching and trigger point work

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