Claiming rebates on pilates classes from your health fund? Maintain your eligibility under extras cover by having periodic physiotherapy reviews.

Types of health fund benefits for pilates

Your private health fund may provide benefits for pilates classes through:

//     Your extras cover under physiotherapy
//     A health fund’s specific wellness, health or lifestyle program
//     Health funds that issue provider numbers to pilates instructors

Rebates for pilates claimed under physiotherapy

With most health funds you can claim pilates under your physiotherapy cover as Group Therapy (item number 560). Typically you’ll be eligible for benefits if:

//     You have an initial consultation with a physiotherapist before you commence your program
//     You’re in a small class (i.e. semi-private, duet or private pilates class)
//     You’re doing your own personal program
//     You have periodic reviews with a physiotherapist (we recommend every 10-15 classes)

What to expect in your review with a physio

At your pilates review the physiotherapist will:

//     Review your goals and exercise program
//     Assess any general muscular complaints
//     Assess any specific musculoskeletal concerns
//     Provide treatment (if required)
//     Prescribe follow up exercises for home (if required)
//     Provide feedback on your assessment and program to your pilates instructor

Pilates review appointments with a physiotherapist are 45 minutes with a fee of $100 (before private health fund rebate).

All health funds are different

Note that private health funds do not all have exactly the same types of cover, policies and guidelines, so the type and level of rebate you receive can vary depending on your health fund and level of cover. Be sure to check with your health fund on the best option for you.

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