This course manual is designed to improve a movement professional’s understanding of the structures of the neck and jaw. It can be read on its own as an introduction to the anatomy and physiology of the neck and jaw, but is foremost designed to complement the Body Organics Education’s Anatomy Dimensions Neck & Jaw online course.

The manual covers the structures of the neck and jaw, such as the vertebrae and bones and the nerves and muscle attachments most crucial for a movement professional to know. You will gain a better understanding of how certain exercises relate to the neck and jaw and also provide participants with the capacity to critically analyse specific pathologies. 

The pathologies and conditions explored include:

//  Disc rupture

//  First rib syndrome

//  Jaw grinding

//  Clenching and torticollis

The manual also provides strategies for exercises and movements that will help facilitate recovery and minimise the risk of further injuries in the neck and jaw. We discuss strategies for working with people with chronic neck and jaw issues that can easily be implemented straight away in the studio.

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