Pilates for cancer and autoimmune

A specialist manual covering treatments, consequences and exercises

Cancer, tumours, autoimmune diseases and lymphoedema –
Cancer affects one in three Australian men and one in four Australian women. Relative five-year survival rates for cancer have increased significantly from 46.9 percent in the period 1982-1987 to 66.1 percent in the period 2006-2010. So it is little wonder that as movement practitioners we are seeing an increase in the number of our clients that are diagnosed with a form of cancer or have come to us after or during a cancer treatment.

The Cancer and Autoimmune Conditions specialist manual is the same resource as used in the Cancer, Lymphoedema & Exercise training course delivered by Body Organics in Australia and overseas. The comprehensive text will help you to gain an understanding of and the impact of cancers, their different treatments and the effects on the body both throughout the treatment and afterwards. The impact of medication on exercise and exercise prescription is also covered.

Cancer and Autoimmune Conditions is a quality, spiral-bound manual with over 270 pages of valuable information filled with explanations, exercises, diagrams and colour photographs.

The Cancer and Autoimmune Conditions text is designed to help movement teachers understand:

// What cancer is;
// What a tumour is;
// What an autoimmune disease is;
// What lymphoedema is;
// How patients may be experiencing all or some of these conditions;
// What the treatment is for these conditions;
// What the consequences are for the person during and after treatment;
// What the exercise considerations and strategies are for these conditions during treatment, one to five years after treatment and five years plus after treatment;
// Preliminary exercises and movements are explored as well as adaptions and considerations for traditional pilates repertoire.

This specialist manual will help you gain basic understanding of:

// Biochemistry and how this relates to the muscles and fascial components of the body;
// Physiological definitions as they relates to cancer, tumours and autoimmune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis;
// Cancer treatments and the physical consequences they may have during and after the treatment;
// Lymphoedema, what it is and basic exercise programming.

Written by Carla Mullins, Dr Janet Schloss and Nadia Labort, this reference guide is ideal for pilates teachers, exercise physiologists, physiotherapists and osteopaths. People experiencing these conditions first hand can also benefit from this textbook, with its explanations, exercise considerations, diagrams and colour photographs.

Buy the textbook today and get the full price of the book off the course fee if you subsequently attend one of our Cancer, Lymphoedema and Exercise workshops in Australia**.

**We are not able to offer the discount for workshops held outside of Australia.

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