Learn techniques to improve you posture and overall health with our latest Pilates exercise eBook. It includes simple exercises you can do at home, in your workplace or wherever the opportunity arises.

This booklet contains detailed step-by-step instructions and colour illustrations for a number of Pilates exercises that are designed to reduce the effect of what we like to call ‘modernitis’, i.e. the stresses that texting, typing, staring at computer screens and desk jobs can have on our posture and our overall health. The exercises covered in this booklet focus on rehabilitating the areas that are most affected by the technology-based lifestyle of the 21st century: your neck, shoulders, back, arms and fingers.

With nine exercises over 18 pages, Posture and Release Work for Modern Technology Users has been developed by movement professionals, physiotherapists and exercise physiologists.

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AU$ 9.95

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