Expert Physiotherapists just 4 minutes from Sherwood

Physiotherapy Sherwood – Treatment for
Injury and Illness

At Body Organics our physiotherapists can provide you with rapid, effective and lasting rehabilitation from injury or illness.

We want to help you achieve, maintain and enjoy good movement and physical health that is free from pain.

Our experienced physiotherapists treat people of all ages and fitness levels with a variety of injuries and health conditions.

Conveniently located just 4 minutes from Sherwood

Located at 109 Honour Avenue, Chelmer, our relaxed and extremely well equipped studio is just a quick 4 minute drive from Sherwood.

We’re open from early until late on most weekdays, so appointments before or after your work day are welcome! Lunchtime appointments are also popular.

Our experienced physiotherapists provide comprehensive assessments and treatments for a range of concerns including injuries, joint pain and functional movement.

Our qualified and experienced physiotherapists can help you with:

//   Physiotherapy for Back & neck pain
//   Shoulder problems
//   Knee and ankle injuries
//   Hip pain and dysfunction
//   Sports injuries
//   Chest and respiratory concerns
//   Postural and scholiosis problems
//   Women’s health
//   Post-surgical rehabilitation
//   Complications from chronic
//   illness

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