Our West End osteopath can help you with relief of pain plus a range of injuries and health conditions

West End osteopath at Body Organics in Brisbane

Our West End osteopath practices with the other allied health professionals at Body Organics in Brisbane. Osteopathy will emphasise the interrelationship between the structure of the body and how it functions. An osteopath won’t look at your problem in isolation; they will treat your body as a holistic unit. So the real difference is the osteopathic understanding of the total nature of your injury and the total effect the injury has on your whole body.

Osteopaths are university degree qualified, having been trained in anatomy, physiology, pathology, general medical diagnosis and osteopathic techniques.

What can I expect in my osteopathy session at the West End clinic?

In your initial session with an osteopath they will start by taking a thorough medical history. They will then focus on identifying the source or cause of your problem, whether it be pain, mobility issues or other types of dysfunction. You sometimes may be surprised at the real source of your problem – an issue with your left ankle could be the underlying cause of that pain in your right hip!

Once the actual cause has been identified, the osteopath will then treat you using a combination of hands-on techniques such as stretching, massage, mobilisation and articulation of specific joints, manipulation and soft-tissue release. The osteopath will also talk to you about any lifestyle factors or self-help techniques that you may find useful.

How our osteopaths at West End can help

The experienced osteopaths in our West End clinic can treat females and males of all ages and fitness levels. They can help you with a variety of injuries, health conditions and structural problems that, if left untreated, may cause pain or affect mobility and function.

//     Chronic pain and acute pain
//     Back pain and neck pain
//     Headaches or jaw pain
//    Hip, knee, leg and foot issues
//     Shoulder, arm, elbow and hand issues
//     Pre and postnatal pregnancy
//     Sporting injuries
//     Nerve pain and sciatica
//     Postural strains
//     Joint pain or lack of flexibility

More information for West End osteopathy and health services at Body Organics

Body Organics is a multidisciplinary practice with osteopaths located in Brisbane at our West End, Chelmer and Annerley clinics. Because we are a multidisciplinary practice your osteopath can collaborate with other health care professionals, for example a physiotherapist, podiatrist or musculoskeletal therapist. This integrative approach can often result in faster, more effective treatment and recovery from pain and a range of conditions. We also have a comprehensively equipped pilates studio which is great to further enhance your recovery, or even for your preventative maintenance program to prevent relapse.

West End osteopath clinic Body Organics Brisbane

Body Organics clinic at West End

Osteopathy Australia (formerly Australian Osteopathy Association) is the peak body in Australia representing osteopaths and their clients. Find out more about the profession of osteopathy at Osteopathy Australia.

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