Jane Rosenlund

Paediatric Speech Pathologist
Active Speech Pathology Brisbane

Jane Rosenlund is a paediatric speech pathologist in Brisbane. Speech, language and communication needs can have a huge impact on many aspects of children and young people’s lives. As a speech pathologist Jane supports children and young people to overcome their difficulties communicating by understanding more about their individual strengths and weaknesses and providing fun, effective and affordable assessment and speech therapy solutions.

A graduate of the University of Queensland, Jane is a certified practicing Speech Language Pathologist and member of Speech Pathology Australia, with experience across wide-ranging settings including:

//     Education Queensland – servicing primary and secondary schools and an early childhood development program.
//     Paediatric Community Health – providing assessment and intervention services to children 0-4 years and their families presenting with complex communication, developmental, feeding and behavioural difficulties.
//     Brisbane Catholic Education – consulting with teachers about how they might best support children in their classrooms with communication needs and delivering professional learning to numerous school communities.
//     Private Setting – working with a varied population between 18 months and 18 years.

As a paediatric speech pathologist Jane is most interested in the areas of:

//     School age speech and language.
//     Literacy.
//     Stuttering.
//     Empowering parents and teaching professionals through coaching and workshops.
//     Using emerging technologies in the provision of speech pathology services.

Jane is passionate about her work as a speech pathologist in Brisbane and the positive difference it can make to the lives of her clients and their families.

Jane practices speech pathology in Brisbane at the Body Organics studio at Annerley.

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