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Unique offering for ballet dancers in Brisbane

Ballet is a challenging but beautiful regime requiring strength and agility. Any dancer knows that the demands on your body can be brutal. To perform and compete in the world of dance you need to have strength, agility and grace. It is little surprise then that most ballet companies in Australia have a fully-equipped pilates studio to help their dancers maintain strength and prevent injuries. What few people know is that most ballet companies in Australia, Europe and North America complement their pilates equipment with CoreAlign and Gyrotonic apparatus.

Body Organics in Brisbane is unique in its offering of pilates, Gyrotonic and CoreAlign in programming for ballet dancers. Our exercise physiologists, osteopaths, physiotherapists and pilates teachers know how to help dancers achieve and thrive. We are unique in Brisbane with our comprehensive pilates programming for ballet dancers.

We work with dancers preparing themselves for the Queensland Ballet Academy and the Australian Ballet School to achieve the strength and conditioning necessary to perform without injuries.  Podiatrist Nick Sprenger regularly works with our Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists as well as our movement teachers in order to find the best possible solutions for dancers young and old.

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Our Accredited Exercise Physiologist and APMA recognised pilates teacher

Nicole Saxby is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Level 2 pilates teacher with Body Organics.  She spent her teenage years at the highly competitive Australian Ballet School. Injuries prevented Nicole from taking her career further and she is now committed to working with young dancers so that they can avoid the pitfalls and her training mistakes. Nicole works with our osteopaths and physiotherapists to ensure that young dancers have every opportunity to shine.

Our pilates teachers have all sorts of ingenious and challenging techniques to help Brisbane ballet dancers perform at their best. Here are some of our videos of exercises working with the needs of dancers.


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