Chelmer pilates studio and physiotherapy clinic to relocate

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After 7 years it’s sad to say that we will soon be relocating our Chelmer pilates studio and physiotherapy clinic to Annerley and West End, with the last day of services at the Chelmer studio being Saturday 19th August 2017. After that date we will no longer be offering pilates classes, physiotherapy or osteopathy services at our Chelmer clinic.

Why is the Chelmer pilates studio closing?

We are consolidating services to our Annerley and West End studios to enhance our consistency and level of client service. We will be offering you a broad range of options and improved availability of pilates teachers, health practitioners and reception support.

Wide array of services available at Annerley and West End pilates studios

The same great classes and treatments that you’ve enjoyed at Chelmer are available at our Annerley and West End studios, plus a whole lot more! You can access a wide array of services offered by the same pilates teachers and practitioners you already know from Chelmer, as well as the opportunity to meet new members of our broader team.

At Annerley and West End you’ll have a wider choice of times and days available for pilates classes and treatments. For example, physiotherapy will be available 6 days per week (early morning, daytime and evening options), rather than just on Wednesdays and Fridays. Between our Annerley and West End studios we offer:

//     Pilates, Gyrotonic and CoreAlign classes with Carla, Felicity, Tamara, Nicole, Kerry, Laura, Manuel, Severine and Rebecca;

//     Physiotherapy with Doug Wilson, Mauricio Bara and Phoebe Baskerville;

//     Osteopathy with Dr Lauren Coffey and Dr Kaitlin Newman;

//     Exercise physiology with Nicole Saxby;

//     Podiatry with Nick Sprenger and Ben Harwin;

//     Musculoskeletal therapy and remedial massage with Laura Kinmont, Kaja Quinn and Jim Combes;

//     Naturopathy and nutrition with Dr Janet Schloss;

//     Paediatric occupational therapy with Carlyn Cooper, Katie-Leigh Paulsen, Jill Van Heerden and Kristyl Mackley;

//     Paediatric speech pathology with Jane Rosenlund;

//     Crèche care for children with Anne Neale and Sonia Collar.


Getting to Annerley and West End studios

From the Chelmer studio it’s only around a 15min drive to Annerley studio (16 Ekibin Rd) and 20mins to West End (6 Ambleside St). Both studios are quite close to public transport. For more details and directions try Google Maps.

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