Franklin Ball exercise for feet

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The purpose of this Franklin Ball exercise is to give a gentle joint rlease through the back foot, mid foot and front foot as well as to improve your range of movement. It is a nice sensory awakening of the foot and its proprioceptors (sensory receptors that receive stimuli in your body).


feet exercises for Achilles tendonitis or plantar fasciitis1. Place the ball under the calcaneus (heel bone) and rock just the heel bone from side to side. It is a small movement, so you are not necessarily wanting a large swing but more a sense that you are putting out a cigarette with your heel whilst wearing a long tight skirt (men may not know the feeling but do know the look!).

2. Place the ball in the arch of your foot. Press down into the ball and breathe for ten seconds, then slowly release the pressure off the ball.

3. Place the ball at the base of the toes (the ball of the foot) just under the second and third toes. Roll your foot around the ball so that the big toe touches the floor and then roll it around so that the little toe touches the floor. Move your foot from side to side.

Particularly good for

This exercise with the Franklin Ball is particularly beneficial for:

//     Plantar fasciitis, keeping the pressure gentle so minimising pain, but just enough to encourage the release and stimulation.

//     Those with a tight or collapsed cuneiforms or balance issues.

//     The heel version is particularly good for people with Achilles tendonitis or contracted calf muscles (from long term wearing of high heels).


There is a reflexology point through the plantar surface of the toes and slightly retro to this. Pressure on the reflexology point from the Franklin Ball may refer pain to the paranasal and sinus cavity. Those suffering from jaw-related sinus problems (not infected sinus issues) may be aggravated from this exercise.

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