Lower back stretches using pilates equipment

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Lower back stretches and pilates

Pilates is a great way to achieve lower back stretches.  The pilates equipment in particular is a great way to decompress the joints by creating traction or by supporting the person against gravity so that the muscles can release.

Pilates Trapeze Table lower back stretches

In this video we show a lovely way to stretch out the lower back and still use the tummy muscles. One of the great things about pilates is that the equipment can be adjusted to provide additional support for people who are injured or just a little bit weak. The same exercise can be performed by stronger clients with a little adjustment of the resistance.  It is a real treat to see how people’s bodies can benefit from different little tweaks.    The exercise below is great for runners and cyclists who need to decompress their spine.

Each week we upload videos for low back stretches and other pilates exercises on to our youtube channel.  The channel is free and has lovely ideas to help you achieve the most out of your pilates.

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