Pilates exercises for children

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When working with pilates exercises for children it is important to incorporate upper body strengthening work. Children under the age of 8 years benefit from bear walks and wheelbarrow exercises as a way of helping them to achieve upper limb strength and stability. Remember that the bones in toddlers and children are different to adults.  The bones in children’s hands are not fully formed so it is easy for them to press flat into their hands as a way of fixing into their shoulders. If they cannot achieve shoulder stability how can they possibly sit at a desk, write and concentrate in school.

Exercises for Children

Hanging from Monkey Bars in a park is an exercise for children that is ideal way to build shoulder girdle strength and grip strength. Unfortunately many inner and near city kids don’t have access to good parks and trees to climb. Therefore pilates can be a great way to help achieve the strength needed for children to grow into strong adults.

Here are some fun ideas for parents and pilates teachers to use when working with exercises for kids.

For information about pilates for kids you can contact Body Organics directly. We have classes for kids but we also have courses for those pilates teachers wanting to work with children.

Wheelbarrow pilates exercises for children

Hold the child’s feet and have them walk forwards, backwards and sideways using their hands.

exercises for children catching balls develops shoulder strength

Catching a ball and throwing a ball helps develop shoulder strength. The ability to throw overarm or underarm will vary with the age of the child.

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