Pilates reformer training courses for health professionals

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Body Organics provides a series of intensive teacher training courses for exercise physiologists, massage therapists, physiotherapists and osteopaths wanting to obtain an understanding of the repertoire and how to teach clients using the apparatus. The series of courses is divided into distinct units that can be undertaken individually or as a set over a period of 6 months.

//  Reformer One – Legs and footwork

//  Reformer Two – Arms

//  Reformer Three – Additional legs , spinal articulation

//  Reformer Four –  Back extension, sides and short box work

For whom are these pilates reformer courses designed?

Course participants are presumed to have extensive anatomical understanding and as a result the course focus is on understanding the apparatus and how the repertoire is taught and modified in order to assist with clinic rehabilitation goals.

The course participants receive a comprehensive repertoire manaul with professional images and details of the exercises addressing the purpose of the exercise, the movement, teaching and cueing points,  modifications and variations for various conditions, contraindications and precautions.

The course was designed to ensure that participants were able to understand the work on the basis of the repertoire focus and purpose.  It allows participants to understand how the work is introduced and progressed and key cueing teaching points to enable client progression and challenge.

The course material was prepared by Level 4 pilates teachers, exercise physiologists, physiotherapists and osteopaths, all of whom have clinical experience and understanding of how the Pilates Method can be applied.

How much time?

Each module is 16 hours with a great deal of time provided to students experiencing and practicing the teaching of the work. Each module is limited to a maximum of ten participants. Courses can be organised throughout Australia on request.

For enquiries for course dates and costs contact Body Organics Education.


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