Pilates Reformer Exercise of the Week for Golfers

Wed,Nov 23, 2016 at 05:03PM by

The snake is an Advanced Pilates Exercise that we cover in a fair bit of detail in the Reformer 4 Resource Manual . However its challenge means that very few people are taught the exercise or perform it correctly. This Exercise of the Week was developed so that clients can enjoy the abdominal challenge and the oblique focus of the snake whilst working in a smaller safer range.  I like to teach this exercise because it is still challenging with a nice little stretch of the rib cage at the end.

Who would like this exercise?

The exercise is great for golfers who can get a little stuck in the ribs and the hips.  By focussing on a better balance of the obliques the swing / wind up phase can be improved.  The exercise also helps the golfers improve their hip pivoting work , ever so important given that many golfers suffer from hip injuries such as labral tears  or Femoroacetabular impingement  which can result in prolonged pain. Working with good physiotherapists and Osteopaths can help deal with the structural problems and then in a movement class the Body Organics teachers can help golfers with the balance in muscle strength and flexibility.

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