What are the benefits of doing pregnancy pilates?

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Changes during pregnancy

There are myriad changes that occur to the body and progress right throughout pregnancy. Many of these changes will affect the activities that a person is able to perform, as well as the exercises that they feel safe and comfortable doing. It is, however, important for women to maintain their health, strength and fitness throughout their pregnancy, as there are many benefits such as:

//     Prevention of pregnancy related back and pelvic pain;
//     Maintenance of core and pelvic floor strength;
//     Improved recovery postpartum.

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Important factors before undertaking pregnancy pilates

There are many exercise considerations for women during pregnancy. These considerations will differ from person to person depending on their body-type, history of previous injury and illness, as well as the stage of pregnancy that they are in at that time.

It is important that both the person undertaking the pregnancy pilates exercise program as well as the pilates instructor or other practitioner have an understanding of:

//     The stage of pregnancy and the physiological implications of this stage;
//     Respiratory and thermoregulatory needs;
//     The strength and length of the pelvic floor;
//     The postural changes that occur throughout pregnancy and the implications of these;
//     Preparations for the new baby, such as an upper body-strengthening program to prevent common overuse injuries seen post-partum.

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Should you see a physiotherapist before starting pilates for pregnancy?


Physiotherapists are able to assess women during any stage of their pregnancy and help educate them on the changes that are about to occur, as well as how to stay healthy and pain-free throughout this journey. A professional physiotherapist is the best person to prescribe a pilates or exercise program to meet the needs of the individual and the stage of their pregnancy. This is a great way to prevent any pregnancy related pain or complications and ensure their recovery post-partum is as smooth as possible.

Pregnancy pilates


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Leah Moroz practises physiotherapy and teaches pilates in Brisbane with Body Organics. She is a Canadian trained physiotherapist, graduating from the University of Alberta’s Masters of Science in Physiotherapy after completing her undergraduate degree in Kinesiology (Human Movement) at the University of Alberta.


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