Exercise to relieve hand & wrist pain during & after pregnancy

Fri,Jan 27, 2017 at 02:23PM by

Relieve hand and wrist pain during and after pregnancy with ‘The Rolling Sailor’ using the pilates ball

This is one of the simple exercises that we give clients to do at home during their pregnancy and post-baby. Many women complain of hand and wrist pain during pregnancy.

Our lovely client asked me to record the exercise as she had found it so helpful during and after her pregnancy as her wrists and shoulders were affected by having to carry around a very large baby.  During her pregnancy her pilates classes had a really large focus on building her wrist and upper body strength, and she was a little bit dubious about why this was so. We explained that when you have a baby, that it is the introduction of a graded weights program that starts generally with 3-4 kilos and just gets heavier. It is not uncommon for women to experience wrist pain during pregnancy

Posture and good strength focus is essential to avoid the fatigue-related injuries when you have a small child. We hope this simply exercise can be one small means of helping you through the process to keep your wrists, forearms and shoulders moving.

Good luck!


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