Can I claim a rebate for my Pilates classes after 1st April 2019?

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Private health insurance reforms effective 1st April 2019

As many would have recently seen in the media and also been notified by their private health fund, as of 1st April there are a number of changes to how your private health insurance operates. One change has resulted from the Department of Health conducting a review of natural therapies (including Pilates) in its campaign to help contain premium increases for private health insurance. So from 1st April 2019 all Pilates classes will no longer be eligible for rebates under physiotherapy extras cover with your private health insurer. Importantly, this applies no matter who teaches your pilates class, whether it be a qualified Pilates instructor, Physiotherapist or other health professional.

Proudly teaching Pilates since 2002

Our proud Pilates heritage began way back in 2002 as Pilates & Healing. Since then, the team has delivered thousands of Pilates classes to our satisfied clients. Specialised Pilates classes designed to suit your individual goals and needs always has and always will be at the core of our business.

Body Organics will continue to provide quality Pilates sessions with our team of highly skilled Pilates instructors. If you have a particular injury or concern that needs to be considered in the development of (or throughout) your personalised Pilates program, seeing a physiotherapist is recommended.

For clients looking to manage chronic conditions or wanting treatment for specific pathologies from injury or other conditions we offer small Group Physiotherapy Exercise classes. These individualised exercise classes incorporate a range of studio equipment and are delivered by our Physiotherapists, with a maximum of 3 clients per practitioner. These classes may be claimed with your private health fund under your Physiotherapy extras cover.

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Private health insurance reforms and pilates

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