Headache relief through massage; headache causes and symptoms

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Headache relief – causes and symptoms of common types of headaches

Headache relief is top of mind when you’ve been gripped by that familiar pain and tension. There are a number of more common types of headaches as well as various treatment options to help provide relief from headaches. We discuss the common types of headaches below and outline their typical causes and symptoms. Remedial massage, musculoskeletal therapy and myotherapy are treatment options that can provide relief for certain types of headaches.

common types of headaches


Common types of headaches

Cervicogenic headaches
//   Originate from the neck;
//   Often caused by neck stiffness and decreased range of movement;
//   Usually felt in the neck, shoulders and into the head.

Migraine headaches
//   Migraine symptoms can vary and include:

–  White spots in vision
–  Nausea
–  Vomiting
–  Light sensitivity
–  Pain into the head/eyes

//   Not always limited to one of the above, there can be a multiple symptoms of migraine headaches;
//   Not all migraines are muscular in origin, so if symptoms persist further investigation by a medical professional is required.

Tension headaches
//   Migraine sufferers often also get tension headaches;
//   Often caused by stress, lifestyle (more sedentary lifestyles), poor posture.

Important note: Please be aware that some headaches can be a symptom of an underlying condition that requires further treatment or investigation by a medical professional.

muscle tension and headache relief

Common causes of headaches

There can be many causes of the common headache types, and often multiple causes can contribute. Some typical causes of headaches includes:

//   Tension or stress;
//   Poor posture;
//   Not enough sleep;
//   Tired eyes (e.g. looking at computer screen/texting/reading for long periods);
//   Dehydration;
//   Decreased mobility through the cervical and or thoracic spine;
//   Clenching jaw/grinding teeth;
//   Other pathologies can include:

–  Low iron**
–  Hormones**
–  Can be vascular/neurological in origin**

**Important note: These conditions require further investigation by a medical professional.

Headache relief through massage therapy

Remedial massage, myotherapy and musculoskeletal therapy are treatment options that can provide relief for certain types of headaches. There are a number of muscles that commonly cause or contribute to headaches, so through professional massage techniques these muscles can be released to help relieve tightness and tension.

The muscles commonly involved in headaches include:

–  Trapezius muscles, in particular upper and middle fibers
–  Scalenes
–  Sternocleidomastoid (SCM)
–  Sub-occipitals
–  Splenius Cervicis

//   Massage treatment will also include work on the muscles of the upper back, chest, neck and sometimes jaw (depends on presenting symptoms).

massage relief for headaches

Research results presented by the American Massage Therapy Association has shown that in respect to tension headaches massage can:

//   Reduce depression and/or anxiety
//   Decrease perceived pain
//   Decrease anger status
//   Decrease tension
//   Reduce frequency
//   Reduce intensity
//   Reduce duration
//   Decrease medication usage
//   Increase range of cervical motion

Laura Kinmont practices her profession of musculoskeletal therapy and remedial massage in Brisbane with Body Organics. She completed her Bachelor of Health Science (Musculoskeletal Therapy) degree at Endeavour College of Natural Health in 2008. Laura provides treatments in remedial massage, musculoskeletal therapy, pregnancy massage, cupping, sports massage, myofascial release as well as joint mobilisations.

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