Musculoskeletal therapy open on Saturdays

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Musculoskeletal therapy now open Saturday

We now have musculoskeletal therapy available on Saturday mornings at our Annerley clinic at 16 Ekibin Rd. So if it’s urgent or you can’t make it for musculoskeletal therapy treatment during the week then come in for musculoskeletal therapy on a Saturday.

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Musculoskeletal therapist available on Saturday can treat a range of issues

Musculoskeletal therapists can help people suffering from issues such tightness and pain in the head, back, and neck. It can also help relieve the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia and arthritis.

Our musculoskeletal therapists have the ability to effectively assess a presenting musculoskeletal condition, identify its causes/contributing factors and to develop a holistic plan of management that will provide an effective result. Exercise prescription, diet/nutritional measures, postural awareness, as well as hands-on techniques may be employed.

Our musculoskeletal therapists can help you with:

Lifestyle Conditions
//     Tension headache
//     Neck and shoulder discomfort or pain
//     Reduced muscle tension or spasm
//     TMJ dysfunction
//     Improve circulation
//     Lower back pain
//     Overuse injuries
//     Pre and post-natal discomfort

Sporting injuries
//     Increase blood flow and circulation to muscle groups
//     Reduced soft tissue swelling
//     Aid muscle elasticity to increase joint functions, improve muscle tone and facilitate speedy recovery, e.g. plantar fasciitis, shin splints, ITB syndrome
//     The breakdown of scar tissue after injury

Other common conditions
//     Frozen shoulder
//     Tennis elbow
//     Tendinitis
//     Groin strain
//     Lymphatic congestion
//     Piriformis syndrome
//     Cartilage damage
//     Hamstring injuries
//     Pre and post surgeryMusculoskeletal therapy open on Saturday

Musculoskeletal therapy open Saturday for busy workers

Have you been planning on getting to the musculoskeletal therapist for treatment but can’t seem to drag yourself away from work during the week? Catching that plane on Monday morning and need to see a musculoskeletal therapist before you go? Come in on a Saturday morning.

myotherapist open Saturdays

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